Hand Sanitizer Components

Hand Sanitizer Components

Keep germs away using a variety of hand sanitizer components available at McKernan Packaging Clearing House.

Pocket Sprayer Sets

Pocket Sprayer sets are great for on-the-go hand sanitizer applications. McKernan has several Pocket Sprayer Sets in 2 ML, 4.5 ML, 8 ML, and 10 ML.  Since these pocket sprayers are under the 3.4 ounce size for the TSA Liquids Rule, they are perfect for travel and carry-on baggage.

SET-2287 Pocket Sprayer for Hand Sanitizer

2 ML Pocket Sprayer Set

SET-2308 4.5 ML Pocket Sprayer Set for Hand Sanitizer

4.5 ML Pocket Sprayer Set

SET-2216 8 ML Pocket Sprayer Set for Hand Sanitizer

8 ML Pocket Sprayer Set

SET-2437 10 ML Pocket Sprayer Set for Hand Sanitizer

10 ML Pocket Sprayer Set







Foamers and Foamer Sets

Foamer Pumps and Foamer Sets are ideal for hand sanitizer products. In addition to foamer pumps, McKernan carries a variety of bottles to match creating an individual look for your product. Foamer Pumps are available in several colors including black, white, redblue, green, purple and more! McKernan carries both sets and individual components to mix and match with different sizes, shapes and colors. See below for links to find matching bottles.

HV-29315 Foamer Pump for Hand Sanitizer

Foamer Pump

SET-2627 50 ML PET Foamer-Style Set for Hand Sanitizer

Foamer Set







Fine Mist and Regular Mist Sprayers

Fine mist and regular mist sprayers are perfect for hand sanitizers. McKernan has over 220 fine mist and regular mist sprayer listings making over 27 million sprayers in stock and ready to ship.  Choose from white, black, natural or other colors to complement your product line.  To find matching bottles, you can find links below.

HF-28915 Fine Mist Sprayer for Hand Sanitizer

Fine Mist Sprayer

HF-28910 Fine Mist Sprayer for Hand Sanitizer

Fine Mist Sprayer

HR-25425 Regular Mist Sprayer for hand sanitizer componenets

Regular Mist Sprayer







Lotion Pumps

Lotion Pumps and also make excellent dispensers for hand sanitizers. There are over 115 lotion pump listings with a 24/410 finish and over 180 plastic bottle listings with the same 24/410 finish where you can mix and match over to create your individual hand sanitizer packaging. If you need a different finish size, McKernan has over 34 million lotion pumps and  on hand, in-stock and ready to ship. These lotion pumps go great with larger, table-top bottles. Below, there are links to find matching bottles.










Remember the Matching Bottle for the Hand Sanitizer Closures

Pair the foamers, sprayers and pumps with matching PET or HDPE bottles. These bottles are available in several shapes including Boston Round, Cosmo Oval, Bullet, Oval and Cylinder.

To make sure you get the right bottle for your closure, McKernan has a simple guide to help you measure. If you need further assistance with choosing the correct closure or container, please contact our friendly staff or your Sales Rep at 800-787-7587 or at 775-356-6111.

We highly recommend testing your products with packaging samples to determine proper compatibility and many samples are free.

Call McKernan at 1-800-787-7587 to request your free sample.

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